Cover Letter Assignment

I’m looking for someone who can construct a cover letter to an employer based on the attached resume. This person must have a collegiate vocabulary. You are writing a cover letter to a government agency for a position within that organization.  The Agency is General Services Administration.  Highlight candidate’s professional and educational qualifications for any position within GSA. You must look at their website for background information.


I need a strong tutor with excellent and creative writing skills.

Attachments: my resume

Letter of Interest

Write a letter of interest as described below

Imagine: There is an opening at a local organization for a mentor/life coach. This person would be working with a wide range of clientele that has an ever larger set of needs. The mentor/life coach could be working with a number of stakeholders in this position: business professionals, healthcare/medical professionals, educators, etc. As you skim through the job listing, you start to make a list of qualifications and qualities that they’re looking for in a potential candidate:

  • Competent
  • Mindful
  • Ethical
  • Able to see multiple perspectives
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Good listener
  • Team player

You’re very excited because you have just finished a wonderful course called Interpersonal Effectiveness. Additionally, you’re successfully going through a degree program. Through both of these experiences, you feel you have learned the skills necessary to be able to make a difference in the lives of others through this job. You see that the job posting has asked for any interested candidates to e-mail a letter of interest.

Write a letter of interest for this position as a mentor/life coach. As you write this e-mail, it is important that you make the reader aware of your knowledge and experience related to the qualifications for the position (as listed above).

After you have made your initial post, be sure to respond to your classmates. Imagine that you are the hiring manager responsible for finding the next mentor/life coach. Review your classmates’ letters and respond with positive comments and additional questions (based on your understanding of the content that we have learned).

Cover Letter

I’m looking for an experience writter that has really good experience writing cover letter and adjnusting it to customer needs. all details are attached below. i currently dont have experience as a mortgage consultant but thru teaching personal finance class and coaching  i been able to help many. In the personal finance i teach people how to save for their home, how to budget , the best way to buy a home and etc.
POSITION SUMMARY: The Mortgage Consultant provides comprehensive, individual face-to-face housing counseling services in a local NACA office to homebuyers in NACA’s Purchase Program. The Mortgage Consultant assists homebuyers to overcome the roadblocks that prevent them from purchasing a home. This includes individual counseling to qualify for NACA’s Best in American mortgage (based on the Members overall circumstances, not credit scores) and assistance through the mortgage closing. The Mortgage Consultant originates affordable mortgages for NACA-qualified home buyers: · Counsel Home Buyers and Originate Mortgages: o Understand the Member’s motivation to become a homeowner and provide clear direction. o Work with the Member to develop an affordable budget and address budget issues, determine a maximum affordable purchase price, and provide Action Plans to homebuyers on their next steps. o Educate the Member on alternative mortgage products or solutions. o Assist Members during the housing search and home purchase. o Submit and obtain mortgage applications and clear outstanding conditions. · Provide Accurate Mortgage Analyses and Clear Written and Verbal Communication: o Work with NACA’s software to accurately complete documentation and data entry for efficient and paperless mortgage qualification, processing and underwriting. o Write narrative analyses and action plans documenting next steps after each counseling session. o Qualify Members by reviewing payment history, liabilities and other credit information. o Examine and process documents, addressing issues as needed. · Support NACA’s Mission o Support and enthusiastically engage in NACA’s advocacy. This includes community issues, actions and campaigns. Support and defend the organization’s philosophy, tactics and advocacy. Educate Members on the NACA mission and its services. Conduct effective Home Buyer and Purchase Workshops. o Assist in outreach focused on low/moderate income communities, churches and job sites. · Other duties as assigned.

  1. EDUCATION: · B.A. or B.S. – Preferred · High School Graduate or Equivalency – Required · Mortgage and/or real estate courses – Highly Preferred B. EXPERIENCE: At least two years demonstrating some or all of the following: · Mortgage brokerage, origination and/or processing · Counseling or social work, such as school guidance · Other relevant experience: education; customer service; mortgage loss mitigation · Real estate brokerage experience and/or knowledge · Financial counseling or advisory role C. LICENSES: Must already possess a Mortgage Loan Originator license in the state of employment or be able to obtain a license within 90 days of employment. Non-licensed Mortgage Consultants must pass state licensing exam(s) within 21 days of hire and obtain a license in 90 days. NACA will provide assistance with the education and exam process and will