Freedom of speech and freedom of the press

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are two important rights individuals have in the United States. Today, there

are so many news outlets featured on the radio, television, cable, and the Internet that are competing for our attention to

the degree that some news media emphasize very sensitive and controversial subjects as a means to simply attract an

audience. Some individuals criticize this practice as being harmful to society. Yet, others claim it is appropriate to report

this type of speech in such a fashion.

Research the topic, Freedom of the Press, and write a research paper that explains your views on freedom of the press

and whether this trend toward reporting sensitive topics does or does not have a negative impact on some work


Make sure that your paper has the following components:

Introduction – State your thesis and the purpose of your research paper clearly. What is the chief reason you are writing

the paper? State also how you plan to approach your topic. Is this a factual report, a book review, a comparison, or an

analysis of a problem? Explain briefly the major points you plan to cover in your paper and why readers should be

interested in your topic.

BBA 3361, Professionalism in the Workplace 3

Body – Present your arguments to support your thesis statement. This should be one to three paragraphs in length.

Conclusion – Restate or reword your thesis. Summarize your arguments. Explain why you have come to this particular


Your paper should be three to five pages in total length, using 12-point double-spaced Times Roman font using APA


Principles of Public Speaking

SP180 Principles of Public Speaking

Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double-spaced pages; refer to the “Assignment Format” page for specific format requirements.




1.   Create a complete preparation outline using the outline template below for a persuasive speech.




2.   You may choose from one of the topics below.


    1. Why banning the use of cell phones while driving should be mandatory nationwide
    2. What I see as the biggest challenges young adults face today
    3. Increased dependence on technology in the U.S.
    4. Bullying in schools.
    5. Gun laws in the U.S.


      3.   State the general purpose, specific purpose, and central idea clearly and in the appropriate form.


      4.   Limit your key points to no more than three and supporting statements with resources to no more than two per key point.


      5.   State your key points and supporting materials in complete sentences.


      6.   Summarize key points of introduction with a call for action in your conclusion.


      7.   Based on your submitted outline, begin writing the first draft of your speech while studying the next lesson.  In Lesson 7, you will study how to write the components of your speech.  The outcome of this process is a final written speech to be submitted as your final assignment in Lesson 7.





Use this outline as your template.




  1. TITLE:


  1. General Purpose
  2. Specific Purpose
  3. Central idea



  1. Introduction


  1. Key point #1
  2. Key point #2
  3. Key point #3



  1. Body of the Presentation


  1. Key Point #1


  1. Supporting statement and resource
  2. Supporting statement and resource


  1. Key Point #2


  1. Supporting statement and resource
  2. Supporting statement and resource


  1. Key Point #3


  1. Supporting statement and resource
  2. Supporting statement and resource



  1. Conclusion


    Grading Rubric


    Please refer to the rubric on the next page for the grading criteria for this assignment.


The erroneous information is based on publications movement

The erroneous information is based on publications movement

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Electronic and Digital Media Industry

COM 225 Week 2 Individual Assignment Electronic and Digital Media Industry Paper

Describe the role technology has played in electronic and digital media in a 700- to 1,050-word paper.

Discuss the historical and contemporary roles of media in society.

Describe how the chemical and electronic technology of photography, recording, and transmission has advanced from initial discovery to the present.

Describe how mass media uses these technological innovations.

Analyze how the development of digital technology has affected the content, distribution, and style of electronic media.

Discuss how the role of mass media has changed with these developments.

Cite readings and at least two peer-reviewed sources.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Controversial Issues in Entertainment

COM 225 Week 3 Individual Assignment Controversial Issues in Entertainment Paper

Discuss a controversial issue you have seen in the media, such as violence, unethical behavior, racial or religious discrimination, drug use, or sexual content, in a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper.

Explain the nature of the controversy, why it is used, and how it would be different with the controversial content removed. Provide examples.

Find three mass media messages on the issue from different sources, such as a news report, advertisement, or press release. Discuss how each source presents a different side of the issue and how the media affects public opinion.

Discuss how new technology affects news and advertising. How does new technology affect the public’s perception of the controversy? Does the medium that presents the message resolve or exacerbate the controversy?

Cite readings and at least three peer-reviewed sources.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Writing of a Proposal for a Television Script

Creating an Intercultural Script

Throughout this course, you have examined various cultures and the way your cultures influence your communication with individuals from other cultures. For this Assignment, you will integrate this new knowledge into the writing of a proposal for a television script that incorporates characters from diverse cultures and subcultures who are mostly effective intercultural communicators although one of them needs to be an ineffective intercultural communicator.

Your characters might include a Caucasian country girl from Iowa who is a star athlete and graphic designer; an Asian city boy from Los Angeles who is a rapper and also works the computer help desk; or an African-American marketing specialist from Chicago. Your characters will interact in a professional workplace setting. Once the script is written, you will write a 400 word explanation for each character that explains why each character acts the way he or she does. Your script should take account of the legitimate behaviors within cultures and not be satisfied with only the stereotypes associated with them.

To help you create your characters, check out “Creating Characters for a Multicultural Scene” . You do not need to take every suggestion the document offers, but the information can help you start thinking about who your characters might be. Once you have created the characters, you will imaginatively put them in the scene and let them interact.

Follow these “Assignment specifics” to meet all the requirements:

  • The Assignment must adhere to APA style, for which you can find an introduction in the APA Quick Reference Guide in Course Home.
  • There is no need for citation or referencing in the script, but you do need to cite and reference appropriately in the character explanation section.
  • Include a cover page, a running head, and a reference page.
  • Create three or four characters of different cultural backgrounds.
  • One character must be ineffective in intercultural communication.
  • The characters must interact in a professional workplace setting.
  • Provide a script that includes at least two group conversations with all the characters. Characters may interact one-on-one as well, but the two group scenes are required.
  • Provide a script that is at least three pages in length and that includes sample dialogue and interaction. Put each character’s dialogue on a separate line preceded by the character’s name. Include actions in parentheses.
  • For each character, include a minimum 400 word explanation about the character’s culture and actions. Why does the character act or react this way, from a cultural point of view? Include citations and references in these summaries to meet the source requirements.
  • Use a minimum of five sources about the cultures represented in the script. These could include the course textbook, readings from the course, resources from the Kaplan library, and print or electronic publications.

Arrange the assignment paper in the following order:

  • Cover sheet
  • Introduction of characters and setting
  • Scripts
  • Character explanations


  • Reference page

Influence of Visual Media

HUM 176 Influence of Visual Media

• In what ways have various forms of visual entertainment media shaped American Culture and its values?

• Are the social influences of visual entertainment media mostly positive or negative? Explain.

• Summarize how visual media either reflects or influences social behavior and attitudes.