History of Globalization & Value-Based Leadership

*Questions--Assuming that the organization you have chosen is based in the U.S., discuss how you think that your organization might have to change some of its management techniques, practices, etc., if it were to open a new location or facility in another country you are generally familiar with. This would have you consider several of the Hofstede cultural dimensions briefly mentioned above. 

Please be specific as you identify three or four of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions for this other country, and how the management group in your organization would/should adapt its management practices, policies, etc., to be successful in that new culture. (Of course, if you think that changes for the new culture would not be necessary for one or more of the cultural dimensions, you could discuss that.)
For example, perhaps you are thinking about the General Motors corporation, and you are considering how it might have to run its automobile manufacturing plant differently in a country such as France where several of Hofstede’s dimensions do seem to be different from the U.S.


Questions: As you consider the relevant materials in the Week 3 Schedule Topic and/or in Chapter 4, please discuss the vision and mission statements (either the recommended or the actual ones) for the organization that you chose. 

For instance, why do you think that the vision and mission statements (that you developed or found) would be effective for the organization ? As you consider the factors that can help to make a mission/vision statement effective, please include several of these in your response as you evaluate the mission & vision.

Based upon your analysis, what changes (if any) would you recommend for your organization’s mission & vision statements ?

(*If you develop these, typically an organization’s vision and mission statements should be reasonably brief and clear so that employees and other stakeholders can readily understand what the organization is trying to do)