Under Armour



Case Study for Under Amour

Current Performance

Under Armour is a company started by one of the greatest footballers from Maryland University. The company has overcome a couple of obstacles in its competitive journey. Financial problems have been the main challenge for the company. Currently, the company has been a successful innovation of new sports gear and apparel to make it stay ahead of the competitors.

Strategic Management

The company finds it important to retain a good relationship between the managers and the employees. Therefore, it has well defined an organizational structure that controls organizational activities in the business. The entity also strives at maintaining a significant relationship between the workers and the professional teams. For the company to attain success, there it must have a competitive advantage that promotes its performance ahead of its competitors. Armour provides top notch products that make it have a high competitive ability. That makes it possible for this company to compete with other bigger entities like Nike.

External Environment

Under Armour is known to market its products to people who live active lifestyles. These are people who take exercise as a daily activity for them to keep healthy.  The company also has sa significant role in supplying proper garments to those in the line of sports.  It externally enjoys the benefits of offering fitting products to their customer (Slideshare.net, 2015). That facilitates the derivation of customer value by the business. The company has an advantage of easily recognizable business. That is due to their definable logos they put on their products. Under Armour is willing to expand domestically as well as globally. There is a need for the company to develop women sports gear to compete in the stiff market. That shall facilitate the company to produce more diverse products that serve the interest of many people globally.

Internal Environment

Under the internal environment, the company can boost its ability to provide high-tech sports gear. It produces clothes that feet diverse climatic conditions in the world. Using the available technology, the company is in positions to make various clothes that serve people through all climate weather seasons in the year. The company is also associated with high-quality apparel that makes it remain ahead of its competitors. Good branding of products has promoted its sales within the states (Slideshare.net, 2015). However, they experience internal financial management challenges. The challenges need to be addressed to come up with a perfect financial system. To add on that, the company lacks patent of its goods hence making it stay under risk it is also characterized by the limited internal market as well as female market products. Despite the challenge, Under Armour can control internal pressure. There is also a need to come up with product line products that shall reduce risk in the market.

Strategic Alternatives and Recommendations

The company aims at increasing market share in domestically as well as internationally. Currently is primarily depends on the market segment of North America, where it covers 90% of the entire customers. It is also recommendable for the company to improve research development in the organization. That will help the business get exposed to a number of substitutes that much with its products. The entity will also be in a position to start up street clothing to serve customers who are unable to purchase fixed price goods. Therefore, such recommendations will have a positive impact on the company’s growth increasing its competitive power.


For the company to succeed, managers have done an excellent job in implementing an organizational structure that maintains the employee-employer relationship. It also offers corporate training and learning for those willing to gain more experience. However, the company needs to apply new techniques in the line of production to enhance the diversity of products it provides.

Evaluation and Control

Under Armour enjoys the benefits of being one of the top performing companies in selling sports gear. That has promoted motivation within employees making them have self-control in their daily activities. The strategies applied by the company make it attain efficient control of organizational activities in the market. Products distributed by the company are usually certified to ensure that quality is maintained.


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