Clifford’s evidentialist argument vs non evidentialist position

For this assignment, please revisit and review Clifford’s evidentialist argument and then contrast Clifford’s position with one of the nonevidentialist positions encountered. Decide which position, evidentialism or nonevidentialism, more closely aligns with your own point of view and argue for that position.
Here are some generic requirements to be observed for all Writing Assignments include that all papers must:
– Defend a thesis and should proceed according to the following format: Thesis, Argument, Objection(s), Response(s), and Conclusion.
– Include citations to the primary required class readings. These and any additional sources must be properly cited using MLA format.
– Fall within the following length requirements: 1200-1500 words.
– Use a standard 10-12 pt. font and be double-spaced.