Abstract for real patient case study

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I dont need refrences for this 2 page abstract. i had 3 more assignments relating to this abstract i need you to go through all the documents submitted and than do changes as needed for this related case as it is a real patient case so you can make things up or do any case as you like as long as it fullfills the criteria sheets. people who do well in this abstract only they can pass this unit so i am aimimg for full marks in there plz send me the rough done by thursday am or earlier so i can show it to tutor as it will increase our chances to get more out of it. plz do your best. i have my old friends assignment copy i will submit you that but she didnt get good marks out of it so please aim for 10 times better than her case. i did a placement in surgical ward if you want to make up a case do it. we have to only focus on particular shift so no long term thing we rae dealing with acute onset condition that happened than inour shift how we resolved it and interventions. plz stick to 2 pages and type it in the format that i am uploading strictly follow the criteria sheet. if you can send me the typed copy even by Wednesday night that will be great too as i can get it checked by our tutor.