Gerontologists have identified 4 dimensions of health—chronological, social, functional and subjective health.  Many older adults believe the dimension which most affects the quality of life is functional health.  Functional health is measured by ADLs and IADLs and is perceived by older adults as being the most important to the quality of life. 

1 Which ADLs do you believe is the most important to maintaining quality of life in later life? IADL? Why? What measures can be taken to help older adults who need assistance with this ADL or IADL to maintain quality of life?

2. What factors (behaviors) place individuals at greatest risk for functional loss and the need for assistance with ADLs.  Explain.  Which chronic illness do you believe has the greatest negative effect on functional health?  Why? How is functional loss related to disability? Do you think the compression of morbidity is possible for future older adult cohorts?

3. Discuss one health promotion program which you believe has the most potential for maintaining good health and quality of life for older adults, keeping in mind that quality of life includes both physical and psychological health?  Explain.

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