1.Simulation Scenario: Med Cart Gone Wrong

In this scenario, we simulated the situation when a nurse leaves medications unattended on the med cart – including one of the medications being a narcotic. Additionally, we saw the other issues that happened, including the computer being open with the EHR charts accessible and the cart being unlocked. We also saw when the nursing leader confronted the nurse, the nurse lied several times about the situation, only confessing to going to the break room to get coffee after seeing the videos. 

So, now, consider the aspects we discussed in our post-sim debriefing and make your own conclusion, if you were the immediate supervisor of this nurse, what would your course of action be? Remember to consider the different leaders that would be involved with this scenario and the impact on those leaders as well.

2. Simulation Scenario: Get Off Your Phones

For this week’s scenario, we participated in a simulation as a leader confronting staff who are on their phone. This is becoming an all-to-common situation in the workplace. As we walked through this scenario, recall the different styles of leadership used to approach the nurse who was on the phone. Knowing that cell phones are becoming more and more a part of our person, how do we best approach someone using their phone at the workplace.

As we discussed in our post-sim, this is a hard situation for some facilities as more and more hospitals and other areas are using cell phones as a part of patient care. If you were a leader on the floor, what kind of policy would you have regarding cell phone use? Consider our discussion and how you would best handle infractions of your policy.

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