You have just been hired as a new vice president of quality and safety for a full service 600 bed government health care organization.Within your first month on the job the national security threat has been raised which means there is a credible specific and impending terrorist threat against the U.S and your facility may be impacted. The chief officer had requested an immediate 6 page report of your proposal for handling this situation. Examine the existing procedures related to at least 4 of the 10 essential public health services. Focus on the principal effects that these procedures will have on your hoslital during emergency. Specify the importance to continue to evaluate patients by the emergency medical treatment and active labor act during the emergency. Detail 3 measures that you would use in order to maintain the electronic medical record system during an emergency. Defend you position on the decision to accept health insurance during the emergency as a potential source of income to the facility.provide. 3 examples to illustrate your position. Use 3 references

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