Topic – Technology for Healthcare Education 

1. How is technology used in consumer health education? Provide a link to at least one consumer health care web site, and use the criteria in Table 13-3 in your text to evaluate the site you chose. In your initial post, include your evaluation of the site based on this criteria. 

2. Health Education Technology = Learning = Better Health?After your research on various ways technology is used to educate patients about health and wellness, discuss different methods (infomercials, games, interactive presentations, phone apps, etc.) that you feel would be best for specific generational cohorts/ages with rationale:12-24 year olds

25-35 year olds

36-50 year olds


First post is due by midnight Thursday

Total of at least three posts  

Minimum word count for your major response post is 150 total words. The total word count is the same when you have to respond to 2 questions for the week.

Please include citations/references and in-text citations in at least one of your posts.

Required Text:Bastable, S.B., Gramet, Jacobs, Sopczyk, D., Jacobs, K., & Braungart, M. (2020). Health professional as educator Principles of teaching and learning.  (2nd ed). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

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