Research Paper

Drug Research Paper

Students are to choose any controversial topic related to substance abuse and exhibit this knowledge in a carefully crafted research paper. Feel free to use our e-text to help narrow down an area of interest. You are strongly encouraged to contact me with your topic idea for your paper prior to beginning your research.  Examples include: Risks associated with Drug Abuse, Drug Treatment, Understanding Addiction, Drug Prevention & Education, Adolescent Brain & Drug Use, Drug Testing, Punishment vs Treatment, Sober Homes, Drug Abuse & Mental Health Disorders, Medical Marijuana Debate, Rise in Vaping, Drug Abuse & Crime Rates, Drunk Driving & Drunk Violence, Opioid Epidemic, LGBTQ & Drug Abuse, Legal Drinking Age in Different Countries, Drugs & Consent, etc. 

Your paper needs to meet all of the following requirements – please be sure to view the Research Paper Rubric below for additional components.

•       Uses at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles

•       Properly uses APA 6th edition 

•       Bibliography uses APA style

•       8-10 pages in length (excluding cover page and bibliography)

•       Double-spaced

•       New Times Roman or Arial font, 12 point

•       1” margins

•       No big gaps between paragraphs

•       Attention has been paid to grammar and spelling

•       Paper presents as a professional, high quality piece of work 

•       Must be submitted on Blackboard, on time (emailed papers will not be read). Late submission will not be accepted and will result in a “0”, no exceptions

•       Identify the health issue and explain why you have a personal interest in this specific topic

•       As a future health professional, why is it important to be educated about this problem?

•       Known causes of this health issue, in addition to your own opinion

•       How does our current society view this problem?  What beliefs exist about this issue? Include your opinion

•       Compare your chosen controversial topic to another country

•       Identify an organization in the US that deals with this specific health issue.  Identify an organization in one other country that also deals with this problem.  What is the mission of each organization? What services do they offer? Compare and contrast, be sure to include your opinion

•       What is a recommended website, movie/documentary and book about your chosen topic? Write a brief blurb about each one.  What would someone find interesting about each in relation to the health issue?

•       Create a summary of the main ways this problem is being addressed in the US and in the other country you have selected

•       Identify one method/approach for addressing this problem that you believe is good or has potential to be effective. Explain why you prefer this approach over others.

•       As a future health educator/professional, what contribution can you make in addressing this issue on the local, national and international level. 

Criteria (16)

1. Identify the problem/issue and explain why it interests you personally.  

2. As a health professional (or whatever your future career is), why is it important for you to know about this problem/issue

3. What are the causes of this problem/issue (include your own personal opinion as well).

4. Describe mainstream attitudes in society about this issue/problem and state whether you think they are justified.

5. Compare this problem/issue to another country.

6. Locate one organization in the US and one in this

other country that deals with this specific issue/problem. Describe the goals of each organization, types of services, problems and any other information you may think relevant. Give your opinion about how the two organizations compare against each other.

7. If someone asked if you could recommend a website, movie/documentary, and a book about this issue/problem, what would you tell them. Write a brief blurb about each one, identifying the name, author/source, what it deals with specifically and what things this person would find interesting about each. You must write about all three (website, movie/documentary and book)

8. Summarize the main ways this issue/problem is being addressed in the US and in the other country you have selected. Devote equal attention to both countries.

9. Identify one method/approach for addressing this issue/problem that you believe is good or has potential to be effective and explain why you prefer this method/approach over others.

10. As a future health educator/professional, state what contribution you can make in addressing this issue/problem on the local, national and international level. Be as specific as possible.

11. Used at least 10 peer-review journal articles. Paper provides compelling evidence that the author has an impressive grasp of the professional literature on this subject. 

12. All evidence is properly cited throughout paper using APA style. Bibliography adheres to the APA style.

13. Paper is 8-10 pages long (excluding cover page and bibliography). Paper is double-spaced, with Times New Roman, 12 pt font. Used 1″ margins. No big gaps between paragraphs.

14. Paper has a clear organizational pattern. Formatting, font, margins, headings etc. are all correct. Paper looks polished and professional.

15. All sentences are grammatically correct and clearly written.  No words are misused or unnecessarily fancy.  All information is accurate and up-to-date.  Paper has been spell-checked and proofread and contains no errors.

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