Answer each of the 5 questions and submit your completed Exam to the designated assignment box as a single Word Document. Each of the 5 questions must be answered comprehensively, in your own words, and should be comprised of at least one full page and not more than two pages. APA formatting is required, including 12 font, 1″ margins, double spacing, in-text citations, and a reference list.

How does the Older American’s Act differ from Social Security and Medicare (for the elderly) in terms of purpose, funding, eligibility, and benefit/service availability and distribution?

Describe the roles that Medicare and Medicaid play in funding programs and services across the long term care continuum, from the provision of resources to assist elders to “age in place” to nursing home care?

What advice would you offer to an eighty year old individual who wanted to “age in place” and avoid moving from his/her home? Describe programs, services and other available options that would allow a frail elder to age in place, ie: continue living in his/her own home safely, avoiding nursing home placement. 

Describe the changing demographic patterns of the aging population in the United States. How will these changes challenge the provision of, and accessibility to, existing programs, services, and resources available to older adults? 

What are the largest obstacles to the ability of our society to provide needed levels of economic, social. physical, and psychological support for our elderly population? How can these obstacles be overcome?

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