1. Select your site for the community educational project.
  2. Complete and submit the signed (not typed) Community Health Educational Project Permission Form. No typed signatures are permitted- the person in charge at the venue you choose to use for your presentation will need to sign the form.

3.     You are to be collaborating with medical professionals on the needs of the community and then teaching the community people some sort of education to assist in their health care needs. Remember it is to be a community situation so no Inpatient hospital-based patient education or education of health care professionals counts.

Please submit your site selection in an APA formatted essay of 250 to 300 words in length.  In this course, in every module assignment or discussion, due to the nature of the assignments, you are permitted to use first person, such as I, We, Me, Us, etc. The essay should explain why you selected the site and when and where your educational presentation will take place. 

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