SWOT ANALYSIS PAPER  and PowerPoint Presentation

Identify one issue that has occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic at your nursing unit. The issue could be in relation to one of the following:

1.     Ineffective supply chain for life sustaining products

a)     Food

b)     Medical Devices

c)     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

2.     Leadership and management strategies to address

a)     Cultural beliefs and practices

b)     Death and Dying

c)     Hospital visitation

3)    Any issue that may have impacted the delivery of services within the practice setting

         a) diagnostic

         b) treatment

         c) preventative

4)    Staffing

        a) covid-19 employees

        a) staffing agency 

        c) high acuity

5)    Staff Understanding of the severity of COVID-19

      a) vaccine

       b) communication

        c) The role of infectious disease nurse and infectious disease department at facility

6)   COVID 19

a)     Handwashing

b)     Quarantine

c)     Social Distancing

You can choose your own topic but it must be related to COVID-19.

In a 2-5-page paper state the issue support with literature.  Assess the issue using the Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats (SWOT) analysis. The issue should on your nursing unit at your healthcare facility or your workplace. Support each area of the SWOT using scholarly literature.

Could an organizational strategic plan have helped in preventing this issue?  Was there a disaster preparedness plan? Please write information on the strategic plan in relation to the issue.

What Safety goals have been impacted. How is the issue impacting data management and informatics, marketing?

Based on your findings make a recommendation on how to improve the issue now or in the near  future. Provide steps on how to implement your recommendation.

Use strategies from leadership, community, global health, health assessment, legal ethics.


Use the content from the paper to create a Power point Presentation with voice over  highlight the issue using The SWOT analysis and add the recommendation.

10- 12  slides  not including title page and references  

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