This week we explore the importance of utilizing the appropriate resources and scheduling. A fundamental aspect of project management is the ability to identify available resources and outside resources that may be needed for successful project management. In order to follow the implementation plan, deadlines, and financial funding, a project manager must know what physical and human resources to use. Project management requires extensive planning and use of resources in order to receive approval, educate staff members, and recieve increased approval of staff (Karakashian & Schub, 2017).

Some human resources that will be concerning to secure or manage are nursing leadership roles such as the CFO or CNO, as they are often busy but will be dependent on their approval and financial backing to move forward. Human resources and a nurse educator will also be responsible for nurse recruitment and setting up training programs and shared governance models. Another human resource is contractors to facilitate and schedule renovations and expansions. Lastly, securing a nurse informatics specialist might also be difficult as they are limited and in high demand. This role is essential in implementing acuity-based programming. Some physical resources that a project manager must secure are available time, new software systems, online resources that provide evidence-based information and guidelines, new equipment, and change management frameworks (Schub & Walsh, 2017).

I look forward to reading everyone’s post on resource management in project management, and seeing the different resources available that I may have overlooked. Thank you.

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