Final Review and Assessment of Profile and Nutritional Health – FSM 159 Nutrition – 30 points

After you have completed your IProfile analysis and your personal iProfile questions – you must now

review your overall diet and nutritional health. You will thoroughly review your iprofile reports and the

information you documented for your questions, then based on the information that was presented in

class you will create a report that finalizes this project.

You will create a final general document which includes assessment of your overall nutritional health.

Using the information that you learned from the class and the IProfile Assignment your Report must include an overall summary along with changes you need to make in your diet and activity.

Be very specific with recommendations. Following are some basic examples of what type of information may be included for sample nutrients – You should address any nutrients in

which you feel need attention. Look carefully at your intake of carbohydrates (especially

complex carbs), Fiber, proteins and fats. Make that you address any micro nutrients –

vitamins or minerals – that are less than 25%. Make sure you look at your overall calorie

intake. Make recommendations for better health based on these recommendations. This is

your own thoughts based on the information you have learned from your Diet Analysis and

this course.

Examples of how present the information.


1. Based on My Intake To DRI I am only in taking ____% of my required Vitamin C,( A,D,E,K,

Thiamin etc) I need to increase my daily intake of vitamin C by — % – I will do this

by eating more _______( specific food)

2. Based on My Intake Compared to DRI, I am in taking excessive (or insufficient) sodium

(Potassium, Iron, Calcium, etc) ( ____%). I need to reduce (increase) my daily intake of

sodium by — % – I will do this by eating less ______ and replacing it with more _______.

3. According to my Macronutrient Distribution Report my average intake of Protein

(Carbohydrate, Fat) is _____%. I need to decrease (increase) my overall intake of

protein. To do this I will increase my intake of _______ and decrease my intake of


4. My intake of saturated fat was _____. I need to decrease my intake of saturated fat by

eating less _________ and eating more.

5. Etc.

B. If your average analysis is stating that you should be losing or gaining weight and you are

not – you need to also address that issue. What was the problem? Did you overestimate

your activity level? (thinking that you expend more calories per day than you actually do) or

did you underestimate your portion size intake ( remember one portion of spaghetti is only

one cooked cup – that is the size of a tennis ball – is that really the amount you consumed?)

— You need to address what you believe that you did incorrectly

C. Make sure you include a statement as to what you need to do in the future to increase your

nutrition health ( if necessary)

D. When you have finished your analysis and review, make a final statement – TRUTHFULLY stating if you feel that you will make these changes or not and why.

Do not complete this until you have read and reviewed at least Chapter 11. Your analysis/summary

must be a minimum of 1 single spaced typed page to earn any points.

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