Step 1 – Prewriting Activity:Choose 1 of the following prewriting activities to complete for your Informative Essay: 

Freewriting Looping Listing Clustering Cubing Questioning Outlining Letter Writing  Journal Keeping Discovery Drafting

Your rewriting activity can be as formal or as informal as you need it to be. Prewriting is PURELY to help you, the writing, get started with your essay. Whether you complete your activity on a computer, scribble it on a piece of paper, or create a chart…you can do anything, as long as it works for you.

A prewriting activity is supposed to help you get your thoughts and ideasflowing before you write your paper. So for example, if you wanted to usean outline, the outline would consist of what you are actually planning toput in your paper. If you were using freewriting, you might just writeabout your topic informally to see how you might want to write formally.Questioning might be writing out a list of questions your audience mighthave about your topic so you can get a better idea on what the content ofyour essay might be about. 

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