On or before Day 1 of next week, in the Week 10 Discussion forum, you will post a final draft of a PowerPoint presentation conveying the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of your Practicum Project. It is essential that you begin developing your presentation as soon as possible. This will also serve as your Portfolio Assignment for this course.

To prepare:

  • Review the Practicum Project Presentation Overview, provided in this week’s Learning Resources, for details about this assignment.
  • Preview the instructions in the Week 10 Discussion. Note that the draft of your PowerPoint presentation posted in the online forum should be complete and polished, i.e., it should be your final draft. While you will have an opportunity to make revisions based on your colleagues’ feedback, the document you share should reflect your best effort to create a thoughtful, clear, and engaging presentation.
  • Begin working on this assignment as soon as possible.

Post a final draft of your presentation on or before Day 1 of Week 10 in order to allow your colleagues a chance to review your presentation and share feedback through the Week 10 Discussion.

The completed Assignment is due on or before Day 7 of Week 10.

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