See the attachments. This assignment is “Teaching Class”. We are group of 4 students. We have to teach the class the topic “Groups and Teams”. We have to use information from out the class materials; so do NOT use the information from the files. I uploaded the Summary of the chapter to show you idea of the topic. We should use two sources at least. I am looking for help with that:

My parts are LO7, LO8 ONLY.

LO7: MUST have explanation HOW gender, culture, and technology affect group interaction.

LO8: Apply techniques for improving group effectiveness.

NOTE: See the attachment first to make sure you do NOT write about my group parts.

I want you to make the PowerPoint, so I can teach the class my part. The presentation MUST be at least 6 minutes so make sure the PowerPoint has enough information for that. Also, I want you to provide two short FUNNY videos Maximum about 30 seconds. First one is about the diversity in group. The second is about either technology affect group OR techniques for improving group. And add the videos’ links in PowerPoint.

I’m thinking that the PowrPoint has slides: 1st/ slide about Gernder. 2nd/ about Culture. 3/ about Technology. 4 & 5/ about Techniques for improving group, at least. And write all the information in the slides eventhough the information too much. I’ll take care of it. The most important I can present at least 6 minutes.

Also, You can add more slides as you want. But no more than 10. Please try to add some photos.

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