1.Advertising is part of the promotion element of the marketing mix. Also included in promotion is sales, public relations, and sales promotion.


Advertising, while an expensive item for small business owners is important. Advertising helps communicate, differentiate and position the company. Advertising can be informative, persuasive, or serve as a reminder for target customers.


Find an advertisement and post the link. Explain why the advertisement that you selected is effective. Who is the target market?


Here is an example of a link.


2.How can your business location affect customers’ image and perception of your business?

3.Why should the small business owner consider the demographics of an area when choosing a location for opening a new business? Name some sources of demographic information that are valuable tools to use in this evaluation.

4.Hello all, Welcome to the mid-week, let’s move forward and please talk about advertising for small businesses. Most of the self-produced small business advertising is weak. Think of an example of a local small business that uses especially effective advertising. Why is it successful at communicating with its target market when so many are not?

5.As a small business owner, do you think you would ever lose money on a product or service? Why, or why not?

6.Selling on a global basis either directly or indirectly involves a critical issue….getting paid. There are many issues to deal with including inflation, deflation, varying currency values, tarriffs and transportation costs.

What would you do to minimize the risk of not getting paid?

What would you do to minimize the above noted fluctuation on prices?

And finally, would you counter trade as a means of getting paid? Check out what counter trade means.

7. Reread the UBS PaineWebber Case and answer the following: What might have been some red flags indicating that Duronio was a disgruntled employee? Would any of those red flags also indicate that he would sabotage the network for revenge?

7.Good observations, do you think stricter access and execution policies may have stopped the attack?  Did UBS have a disaster recovery plan in place for an enterprise-wide network crash?

8.What is EC Security? What are some of the drivers of EC Security Problems? What makes it so difficult to manage EC Security?

9.Reread the Freemiums in the Social Gaming World Case and answer the following: What does the term freemium refer to? Give some examples. Do you think this is a good model for other companies to follow?

10.he text has the question ‘How does the Zong system differ from the Spare Change system? What is the long-term prognosis for companies like Zong and Spare Change?”  This is an interesting question since a few years have passed and in just a few years, there are already changes…  what did you find while looking at these companies – who is now the latest and greatest?  What features/characteristics make them the new leader?

11.Describe the trends that are occurring in cash and noncash payments in the United States.  What types of e-payments should B2C merchants support?