A. Develop a presentation designed to educate staff regarding information security in healthcare.  Your presentation should include the following:
1. The most common types of information security controls, include both technical and access controls.
2. Components of a good information security program in a healthcare organization (identify at least 3).
3. Threats to information security (identify at least 3 threats) and consequences of inadequate systems (identify at least 3 consequences).
4. Best practices for safeguarding passwords.
5. How the CMS EHR Incentive Program’s “Meaningful Use” requirements impact health information security plans.
6. The potential penalties an organization faces for having an inadequate security program.  Provide at least 2 recent examples of incidents that have occurred in the industry.
B. Requirements:
1.     You may use any presentation software that you wish (i.e. PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.), however, you must be able to share or attach the presentation using the
        assignment submission function in Blackboard.
2.     The presentation should be professional and engaging for the intended audience.  It should include at least 1 activity involving audience participation.
3.     Experiment with different features of your presentation software, such as incorporating various transitions, backgrounds, etc.
4.     There must be narrative (whether typed or verbally narrated) incorporated into the presentation that provides the commentary you would include during your
5.     Cite at least 3 sources, in APA style.
Feel free to use the following websites and/or others you may find as additional resources: