Instructions: You need to identify the structure of the premises and conclusion,  and place them in a standard form using the standard categorical propositions, i.e,  A, E, I and O. Then, you must use Venn Diagrams to examine their validity or invalidity. You need to  provide your translation schema. Please show your work!


1. Only valid arguments are sound. No argument with false premises is sound. Therefore, no valid argument has false premises. 

2.  To be a successful office manage you must be a good liar. Bill Rash was a superb liar. So, Bill was certain to be a great office manager. 

3. All insects have articulated bodies, and all animals with articulated bodies have six legs. Therefore, all animals with six legs are insects. 

4. Only material bodies have extension Having extansion is a property only of things that exist in space. Therefore, only material bodies are in space.

5. Some starvation diets are effective ways to lose weight. However, starving yourself is bad for your heart. Thus, some effective ways to lose weight are bad for your heart. 

6. Some politicians are public representatives without ethical values. No public representatives without ethical values are corrupt. Therefore, some corrupt people are politicians.