Answer the following questions in essay format. Minimum of one pageon each question; no maximum. Your work should be double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font or equivalent. Create and attach as separate “word” doc with questions numbered corresponding to your responses. Obviously, this exam is “open book – open note – open research” and your answers should reflect a depth of understanding commensurate with that fact. Each is worth 25 points.

1. Compare and contrast two of the cases we studied, for which you wrote “case briefs.” In addition to comparing the facts and outcomes, be sure to include a discussion of the legal principles that were referenced in each case.

2. Review and summarize a chapter which we did not cover due to time constraints.

3. What is the field or type of you work you are pursuing (or if unsure, just, an area you are interested in.)? Describe how laws or regulations impact that type of venture, on a daily basis as well as more broadly. Reference existing companies and their regulatory environment, to the extent that info is available.

4. Now that you have a bit more background re what the law entails, envision yourself in the position as a business owner or a C-suite executive responsible for the selection and oversight of legal counsel for your business. What criteria will you use and how will you evaluate your attorney(s)’ performance? (Outside research acceptable / cite where appropriate.)