Explore the nursing literature for professional nursing articles published in the last 5 years addressing the ethical concerns in the nursing profession concerning EHRs and EMRs and in response to those concerns in the field of health care about ethical carelessness or intentional breach of a client’s record. Discuss the need to protect patients’ privacy and each organization’s responsibility to police itself and demonstrate corporate integrity. Discuss the “human-technology interface.”  Summarize and critique the content, and discuss current efforts to mediate those concerns, including educating the public.

Start with this article. :

Kopala, B. and Mitchell, M. (2011). Use of digital health records raises ethics concerns.  JONA’s Healthcare Law, Ethics, and Regulation, Vol. 13 (3).

Then search the literature for  3 more supporting professional nursing articles of interest that relate to the topic. The articles must come from peer-reviewed nursing journals published within the past 5 years.

Write at least 7 pages (excluding cover page and references) that includes the following:

  1. An APA-formatted cover page.
  2. Required citations or references; include the database (Ebscohost, Proquest, Ovid, etc.) from which the articles were retrieved. References and citations in APA format.
  3. This paper will have 4 parts:
  • Summary of the ethical concerns found in the 4 articles in your own words. ( minimum 1 ½ – 2 pages
  •  Critique the articles – (for example, what is the strength of the evidence, is it supported by the literature, how clearly was the article written, what more could be said, what was clearly explained, etc.? (minimum 1 -1½ pages per article)
  •  In general, what concerns have you found in clinical practice (school, work)? Use appropriate resources to validate your concerns. Do not list real names or specific instances (minimum 1 page) (I am a LPN for 6 years so please tailor this section to that)
  •  Reflection (what lessons did you learn that will guide you in your career?  (minimum 1 page)
  •  Include a summary of the paper following the reflection.