In some ways, the assigned passages in Infinite Divisions remind us of the memoir When I Was Puerto Rican and also How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents. The issues that affect women such as self and identity, self and others, myths and archetypes,  seem to always look back at growing up and feeling different. The difference can be the restrictions placed on women because of their gender, race, class, country of origin, culture or sexual identity, among others. What we have seen as a whole is all kinds of women overcoming sometimes tremendous obstacles to create a voice and have it heard.

In a comprehensive essay, write about the women in the readings (in the three books). Give the names of authors and story or novel, and choose at least 7 female characters, 4 from Infinite Divisions) and explain how, and in what ways, you learned from them, about their lives, their time, their struggles, their successes, and challenges. You must use characters from all 3 books.

An (A) excellent essay will mention (7) characters from all of the 3 books (4 from Infinite Divisions). It will be specific, naming names, stories and authors, and stressing the analytical (analyzing the struggles, the successes and the challenges). It  will explore a diverse sampling of women. It will be written using proper grammar and spelling with little to no mistakes. A (B) good essay will fulfill most of the above requirements. A (C) regular essay will do a satisfactory job, just satisfying a mimimum of the assignment.