Infinite Divisions

Read section 5. Myths and Archetypes.

This assignment is due by August 5th, but it can be handed in at any time. This will serve as your 3-page paper, 1500 words, double-spaced, but you are free to write more, but not less. When you use sources other than Infinite Divisions, be sure to give the author(s) credit in your bibliography.

Female archetypes are usually mythic, but in Mexican culture there are archetypes that also serve as historical figures. They often reflect society’s ideals and they have served to socialize women into certain roles. We have seen similar features in the Latino-centered cultural values. What we often see is the archetype of the good mother, in Mexican iconography, the Virgen of Guadalupe, or the bad mother, represented by La Malinche. Mexican American women writers continue to incorporate these figures in their work.

In this assignment I want you to do a few things:

1)  research and understand these two powerful icons so that you have an understanding of them and can use them as references

2) choose 2 or 3 pieces (poems or stories) in section 5 and study how these two powerful female archetypes (La Virgen de Guadalupe and La Malinche) appear in the pieces. Focus on gender roles, the history of the two icons, and the struggles of the characters to come to terms with the duality.