Using the Columbia Southern University Library, identify an empirical research article (an article written by the original researcher(s). ****Save this article as you will need it once again for a future assignment. 1. Review the article to identify the problem statement. After determining if it is a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-method research, write the problem statement using the CSU template. Attachment 2. Second, using the purpose statement template found in the lecture, write a purpose statement for the article by completing the blanks. Note: You may be able to copy and paste the template from the lecture. The purpose statement should be no longer than three-quarters of a typed page. Remember, the purpose statement must align with the problem statement. 3. The submission must include an APA-formatted title page and reference page identifying the article from which you retrieved the information. Please note, if you cannot easily identify the information to complete the templates, you probably are not looking at an empirical research article. An empirical research article should contain all of the required information to complete the template.