In 2014, former Spanish Justice Minister Mr. Alberto Ruiz-Gallardo proposed a Bill that aimed to allow abortion only in cases of rape reported to the police or in cases where the pregnancy is medically certified as a threat to the mother\’s physical or psychological health. It would have ended a woman\’s right to opt for an abortion on the grounds of foetal abnormality.
If you were a member of the Singapore Parliament, and in light of our dismal total fertility rate, would you have supported such a Bill? Demonstrating use of some of the concepts we have covered so far in this course (e.g., social norms and values; changing definitions of crime and deviance; individual rights; cultural relativism, etc), explain your stand.
*You do not need to use every single concept listed above, but you should focus on those that are relevant and helpful in answering the question.

This question requires you to go beyond describing definitions of the concepts learnt in class. You are expected to do additional research using academic journals and credible news sources such as Factiva, Jstor, etc. Please cite from (i) books—academic textbooks or non-academic books, (ii) academic journals, (iii) newspapers—online or print and (iv) government websites. Do NOT cite from generic sites such as, Cliffnotes, Wikipedia, or online study guides from universities worldwide.