Teams, Article Review

Scholarly Article on Groups or Teams

Please select a topic of interest related to groups or teams. Please find a scholarly article on your chosen topic. Please write a 2 to 3 page summary of the article and include the following:

1.    What is the author(s) premise or main point?

2.    How did the author(s) conduct research on this topic?

3.    Do you agree or disagree with the author(s) point of view and why? In your answer you may include your personal experience AND you must go deeper to include a logical well reasoned response.

4.    In what way(s) do the ideas in this article agree or disagree with the ideas in the texts for this class?

This may help with question 4. Please let me know if the author needs the ISBN code to the text books.


This course studies group dynamics, group interaction, group discussion formats, and team building.  It includes the theory and practice of managing various types of organizational teams including virtual teams.