Joan and Don own “Hot Diggety Dogs,” (HDD) a vending cart business which sells gourmet hot dogs on the Streets of Richmond, Virginia. The partners operate four hot dog carts scattered at various points in the Downtown area close to the office and retail shops. They have a vendor’s license from the City to operate their business. HDD is very successful. Their best selling gourmet dog, “The French Doogle,” is so popular that it was the subject of a Food Network, “Show Down” with Iron Chef, Bobby Flay. The, “French Doogle,” won the competition. Joan and Don are understandably, very proud of their products.

In addition, while Joan and Don where busy with the festival happenings. Jack, signed three new HDD franchise contracts, and took deposits totaling fifty thousand dollars. Upon his arrival back in Richmond he finds out the problems with the festival and wants out of the partnership. He feels his partners did not include him in their decision-making and that he should not have to pay for their mistakes. He does inform them of the franchise agreements. However, he also informs them that he is leaving with the fifty thousand dollars he collected from the companies, because it is the same amount he put in to the business.

Joan and Don look to you for advice. They have come with the following list of questions for you to answer: