The course investigates the ways by which representative English-speaking playwrights deal with the issue of cultural identity in plays written during the 20th century. We investigate the role played by language, history, nation, gender and race in the construction of identity. The dramatic style each writer adopts will also be analyzed as well as the politics the plays support.] My choice of plays is “Happy Days” by Samuel Beckett. So you should focus on family and gender as sources of identity. Focus on how she treats Willie and conceives of herself as a wife and female. For example, 1) she shows concern about his health and well-being, yet she is also harsh and violent against him, 2) she depends on his listening to her and answering but also he is just like the objects of her bag, used just to pass her time, 3) her interest in the pornographic card, an interest incompatible with her identity as housewife and other things you could find. Of course their first and final meeting in the end of the play has to be commented on. I also send you two more articles that might be of help with the paper. Also, latest MLA citation required.