Complete a medication investigation with a consenting individual who has an acute or chronic medical condition requiring polypharmacy. This can be accomplished by interviewing a consenting individual (patient) who meets the aforementioned criteria. To maintain an individual’s anonymity, please use the term patient. Create an academic paper that incorporates the appropriate components listed below related to the specific medication history and individual. Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamics Pharmacogenomics Pharmacoeconomics Allergies Co-morbidities Past prescribed medications Over the counter (OTC) preparations Gender considerations Lifespan factors Cultural components Potential adverse medication reactions Adherence concerns Lifestyle factors, including pertinent social and personal history Complementary and Alternative Treatment options This is not to be a transcription of any communications with the subject but the learner’s assessment of key pharmacologic principles and associated factors obtained in the interview. Quotations can be used where appropriate; however, anonymity should be strictly maintained. APA formatting is required