The assignment is to read the document in the course syllabus labeled “Virtual P D Case Study.” This document describes The Virtual Police Department, medium-sized police department with an average amount of crime.

The student will write a 7-10-page report that addresses the issues and problems listed. The paper must:

  1. Identify the most critical issues/problems facing the Virtual Police Department
  2. Describe how the history of the agency has contributed to any of these issues/problems
  3. Discuss how the department is organized and managed, and what changes should be made to address the selected issues/problems
  4. Discuss the demographic differences in the community and the police department, and what strategies could be implemented to make the agency more reflective of the community
  5. Discuss how the agency culture has contributed to any of the selected issues/problems and describe how to create change in this area
  6. Provide an analysis of the crime statistics and identify strategies/tactics to reduce crime and/or increase closure provide a discussion on possible solutions to any of the other issues/problems selected from the case study

Form and Format will be provided in the Assignment Project Description