The number of pages need to be seven pages.

The content needs to be clear, simple, and precise.

The work must be original using the sources that I have provided below.

I read all those sources so please do not write down the sentences that are from unknown sources.

I have attached the propsal or thesis statement paper about Cello. Write the research paper based on my proposal letter.

  1. David, Hans T.;Mendel, Arthur& Wolff, Christoph (1998). The New Bach Reader: A Life of Johann Sebastian Bach in Letters and Documents. New York:W. W. Norton & Company.

This book highlights the contributions of the cello composer and will be useful to highlight the evolving of the instrument.

  1. Dilworth, John (2009).The Cambridge Companion to the Cello. New York, New York: Cambridge University Press.

This book gives detailed information of the Cello from its history to its place in modern day and will be useful for that purpose

  1. Holman, Peter (1982). “The English Royal Violin Consort in the Sixteenth Century”.Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association109: 39–59.

This article contributes by highlighting the history of the instrument as well as it evolution

  1. Kimball, George Cook.The Symphonies of Leopold Hofmann (1738–1793)Thesis (Ph.D.) Columbia University, 1985.

This source will be used because it outlines a Cello Composer and his contributions

  1. Stowell, Robin (2003).The Cambridge Companion to the String Quartet. New York, New York: Cambridge University Press.

The various cello musicians are discussed here, and the book will contribute to the research paper by highlighting their importance