Complete an in-depth study of one of the Plains Indian tribes. Be sure to discuss their history, culture and their relationship with European-Americans. What has become of them today?


You must use at least four sources for your paper (two of which must be books – do not use textbooks, encyclopedias or any other general reference sources). Magazine and journal articles, websites, and newspapers all make good non-book sources.

List your sources in a bibliography at the end of your paper (it does not count toward your four page minimum).

Use MLA citation methods.

Formatting Guidelines:

Papers must be 4-5 double-spaced pages in length and should adhere to the following format:

1″ margins on all sides and four pages means four pages, not 3 pages with 2 lines on the fourth.

12 point font size

Use Times New Roman, Arial or Courier New fonts only

Pages must be numbered

Plagiarism (the use of another author’s text or ideas without giving them proper credit) is strictly forbidden and will result in a “zero” on the paper.

The four page minimum does not include a cover page or your bibliography.

Do not triple- or quadruple-space in between your paragraphs.

Do not submit a paper that is largely comprised of direct quotations taken from your sources. A research paper should be in your own words with direct quotations being used sparingly. If all you do is copy what other authors have written then you really did not write your own paper.