However simplistic, unfair, and wrong it may be to divide the world into the rich and the poor, it would be just as unreasonable to deny the stark differences between what we call the “ first world” and what we call the “third world”. Why is the developing world – most of Central and South America, Africa, and Asia poor? Your answers should incorporate some of the themes from the following: (Choose the most relevant based on course lectures and text readings) and focus on why these factors influence poverty.

Give examples of some countries relevant in addressing this important question. • Topography • Natural resources• Relative location• Climate• Population • Political system • Economic system • Colonial history • Culture Global trade Research and comment meaningfully on five (5) of these and suggest, which, are more important than others with justifications. Use concrete examples as much as possible. You are encouraged to use as many academic sources as possible. Write a minimum of 1-2 pages and do not forget to include your sources in MLA format