Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margins, with references within the text and

listed at the end. All team members must participate in writing the paper. The page restrictions

should be followed. APA guidelines are required. I encourage you to submit a draft to the UHV

Student Success Center for feedback on your writing and format.


A project that compares 2 executives from the same domain. In this paper and report, you should connect the executive’s techniques to course content from the leadership text and to your personal assessment of the executive’s strengths and weaknesses.

Purpose: Identify two executives from the same industry and compare their leadership traits,

styles, and strategies. Examples of executive pairs might be CEO’s in the same industry. The

executives you pick should be researched through books, academic/scholarly articles, popular

press, or company websites (I do not want a reference list full of Wikipedia sources). The

executives can come from a publicly traded organization, a sports organization, a non-profit

organization, etc. The sections in the project might include, but are not limited to the following:

Introduction; Executive’s background; Description of the executive’s organization; Leadership

traits, styles, and strategies-relate the executive to the course content (theories, models,

frameworks); Your perspective of their effectiveness; Your recommendations for improvement

on the tactics used by the executive; Of the two which would you prefer to lead you?