The purpose of the final assignment is to integrate the course material into several long essay questions.

For this final, you will need to refer to the following website: “” All the material you will need to answer questions specific to this organization and context are on this website.

Throughout the paper, provide conceptual and empirical evidence to support your arguments, referencing a minimum of 3 scholarly works (per question), at least 1 of which must be outside material (not on the syllabus). ANSWER ALL FOUR QUESTIONS! The paper should be 12-15 pages in length (not counting references or title page), double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides (12-font). Use citation and referencing styles as specified in the current edition of the APA Publication Manual.

The evaluation of the paper will be based on whether you addressed all aspects of the assignment (adequate response); correct use of financial formulas (including correct calculations); integration of material with field and work examples; critique of models; references), the quality of your written work (organization, flow, clarity, grammar, spelling), and the correct application of APA style.

You will have TWO WEEKS to complete this assignment. You will receive the assignment in Week 13 and it will be due in Week 15. The deadline to submit the final assignment is Tuesday, August 18, 2015 @ 11:59pm PST. Papers not received by this date will lose half a grade point for each day they are late. Please upload your paper and any appendices to the VAC. DO NOT SUBMIT pdf files for your paper (the instructor cannot comment on a pdf file) but you can submit pdf files for any supporting documentation.

Question 1: This question is worth 25 points

Part 1: Assess the financial situation of Communities in Schools using their 2010 financial statements. Based on your review of the financial reports, your analysis should include the use of the seven financial ratios (show your work for maximum benefit) used in financial evaluations (See Chapter 5 of Financial Management for Human Service Administrators by Lawrence L. Martin). What observations can you make about this organization? For example, you will want to answer the questions, “Is Communities in Schools making money? Breaking even, or losing money?” In other words, “What is the overall financial position of the agency?


Question 1: This question is worth 25 points cont.

Part 2: Given the financial status of the agency, what types of recommendations can you make for this organization in order to improve, maintain, or change? How does a financial evaluation help you assess the agency? How does this kind of evaluation reflect the goals and programming of the agency? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this type of assessment? Contextualize (using examples) your answer in what you know of the agency, community, and clients (via what is on their website).

Question 2: This question is worth 25 points

Critique the Mission and Programs of Communities in Schools.   Does the strategy reflect the purposes of the agency? Examine the programs and services the agency offers. Are these consistent with the mission and programs? In what ways? Can you discern a competitive strategy/advantage or multiple competitive strategies?

Taking into account that a public website and materials that the agency creates and provides represent the official view of the agency, how has Communities in Schools presented their work and their organization? Who would this agency appeal to (remember to multiple stakeholders)? How has the agency managed to use the public website and materials to their strategic advantage (cite specific examples)? What have they overlooked? What improvements would you make?

Finally, if you wanted to be able to evaluate what is really happening within an agency from an operational standpoint, what kind of techniques or approaches would you use to find out what is really going on at an agency (the difference between what they say they do and what they actually do).

Question 3: This question is worth 25 points.

Assess the agency using the four-frame model from Bolman and Deal (2008) and any class materials and lectures that will help shed light on any particular frame. This includes: the Structural Frame, the Human Resource Frame, the Political Frame, and the Symbolic Frame. You should discuss examples from the four frames covered in class: Structural, Human Resource, Political, Symbolic frames as evidenced on the Communities in Schools website. For example, in discussing the Structural Frame you may want to cite the use of organizational charts or policies and hierarchies that are implied which show adherence to the “Structural Frame.”

Once you have discussed Communities in Schools in context of the four frames, discuss the different insights to be gained from each frame. Are one or more frames (in combination) particularly revealing about this agency than other frames? In addition to what you find on the website, what assumptions have you made about Communities in Schools’ frame? What are these assumptions based on? Would Communities in Schools benefit from operating from a different framework? Why?

Question 4: This question is worth 25 points

You have been asked to work with a team from Communities in Schools-Greater Los Angeles who has been recruited to train a team from Communities in Schools-Chicago on the famous LA “Hard Core” Gang program (LA Bridges II). Your team will have to assist on the set up of this program in the Chicago area which has been experiencing an increase in “hard-core” gang behavior. (Hard Core means that youth are currently organized in a gang).

  1. Develop a job description that describes the qualifications and tasks for a ‘gang interventionist specialist. This description should be no more than one page, SINGLE-SPACED long. (10 points). This is the only section of this question that should be single-spaced. You can use bullets and/or paragraphs, as appropriate.
  1. Develop a strategy for recruitment. Where, who and how would you recruit? (5 points).
  1. List 3 questions you would ask in an interview and give your rationale for asking each questions. (5 points).
  1. Describe a training schedule for this staff member for their orientation to the agency. Include what topics you would cover and in what time span after hiring. (5 points).