Assessment Three: Individual Research Report

This assessment is designed to assess students individually. It assesses their writing ability, their knowledge of the subject area, their conceptual analysis abilities, and presentation skills.

Learning Outcomes focus on scholarly inquiry and conceptual analysis, in-depth knowledge of the relevant discipline and capacity for critical thinking and problem solving. This assessment assesses the student’s ability to engage in independent and reflective learning. It requires information literacy and research evaluation.

Feedback: This written assignment will be graded and verbal feedback will be provided to the student by appointment.

Assessment Individual Research Report
Topic: See Table below for possible topics
Presentation 2500 words (excluding reference and appendices)
This is a research report. It is a theoretical piece of research.
Weighting: 50%
Due date: 28 August 2015
Style and format: Submit online via Turnitin and email to lecturer.

Students should undertake a research report on a topic below. You may like to focus on the following key considerations: For example, how have the supply chain strategies evolved over the last decade and why? How will these strategies prepare industry for future challenges from the theoretical, policy, and industry perspectives.

No Topic
1 Supply chain management strategies in last mile urban/city logistics
2 Strategies for global supply chain management in emerging markets
3 Inventory, warehousing and distribution and payment strategies for B2B and B2C operations
4 Future trends in global supply chain management strategy
5 Operations and supply chain management (SCM) strategies in the digital economy
6 Strategies in supplier-buyer co-development in SCM in emerging markets
7 Strategies in Humanitarian supply chains
8 Global SCM strategies and Bayesian Learning networks
9 The Buy-Ship-Pay Model as a strategic framework for global supply chains operations
10 Strategic role of services in global supply chains
11 Strategic review of trade facilitation and global supply chains
12 Other suitable topics mutually agreed upon between the student and instructor
13 Logistics investments and infrastructure in Asia-Pacific

Assessment 3: Individual Research Report

Written report: typed, single line spaced; font 12, Times New Roman. You are required to conduct a thorough literature review (books, journals, trade magazines, etc.) in order to prepare the research paper. It is expected that you follow the guidelines while preparing your essay:

Introduction (about 1 page)

  • Introduce your topic of research.
  • Discuss aims and objectives of the research.
  • Highlight the plan of the report.

Literature Search/Analysis and Discussion (about 4-5 pages)

  • Conduct a thorough search on the topic of research. For this you are required to search journals (academic and trade), books, and websites. Your objective is to provide up-to-date information on the topic. Use academic journal articles under a decade old in the majority of your references.
  • Organise the materials in a meaningful manner. You may develop/use a conceptual framework for this. Build your arguments based on the evidences from published cases and empirical studies. Analyse your points carefully and fully. This is a research assignment – it is not a case study.

Conclusions (about 0.5 page)

  • Current status,
  • Limitations of study
  • Future directions


  • Provide a complete list of references and reference these correctly and appropriately in the report. The marking criteria used to assess your written report consists of four major items:
  1. Relevance
  2. Organisation
  3. Research
  4. Innovation

Please check the above items while preparing your report.

  • Give figures and tables where necessary.
  • Appendices can be added if additional material is considered essential.

This Report will be assessed using the evaluation sheet presented below.

Trends in SC

  1. Sustainability (CSR)—– Reverse, Refurnished, replace
  2. Smart technology in warehouse—— swisslog
  3. Cloud based information- Internet of things—— cisco
  4. Complexity of SC processes plows, finance——- bit coins, ‘ snapdeac’, TPP, FTA
  5. Transportation——- Fast tubing, Driverless cars (Google) Monorail,
  6. 3-D printers—— Eads, Airbus, Medical Pasto
  7. Robotic (Automation)—— Demotic