The essay should be 1500 words (excluding the reference list.)

• The goal of the essay is to engage in well-researched and constructed critical thinking about an ethical issue rather than respond to a case or dilemma.

• Avoid the “scatter gun” approach, i.e. aim vaguely anything you can think of at what you think is the target. Think carefully about what the question is asking you and STRUCTURE your response.

• As such, the essay should provide clear indications to the reader by use of headings and sub-headings as to what step of the argument is being dealt with.

• The essay should provide an abstract of what is treated and the conclusions reached.

• Those sources that you use must be referred to in the text of your report (citations) and listed in the Reference List. Failure to do so is against Academic Regulations. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for details.

• The essay should be properly formatted, on A4, one-sided, at least 1.5 line spacing and font at least 12point, leave adequate margins for comments.

• Format of your citations and reference list must follow the Harvard or APA version found on the student resource site ( _tips/resources_for_study/) and illustrated in the unit outline reference list. Note: many of the books listed in your unit outline reference list are available in the library.