What would be the hypotheses to test this relationship?  Is the relationship significant? You can use Table I in your book to determine significance.

Using excel, find the regression equation to predict length of foot using height.  Write it in slope-intercept format.

Use the regression equation to predict a foot length for a height of 62 inches.

I already have the answers for questions 1 and 2 figured out. I just need the three questions above. For reference, these are the two questions I have already answered.

Assignment Description:  This week we will use the data collected in week one for height and length of foot.  We will determine whether there is a significant relationship between the two variables.

  1. Create a scatter plot for height and length of foot.  We will assume here that height influences length of foot so height will be the independent variable.  Does it appear from the plot  that there is a relationship between the two variables?  What type of relationship would that be?


  1. Using excel, calculate the correlation coefficient,r,  for the two variables.  How would you interpret this measure?